With American Apparel’s slow exit from the market over the years, what’s the best blank t-shirt brand available in Australia? If you ask the crew at Fab Nob, the undisputed leader has been AS Colour, headquartered in Melbourne after a recent move from Sydney. While we like to think of them as Aussie, they actually… Read More

Aussie startup Threadsmith has come up with a new t-shirt set to revolutionize the humble white t-shirt. Their goal is creating a t-shirt that’s hydrophobic. What does that mean? It’s water-resistant…very water resistant! The kicker…it’s 100% cotton, and no some space age Goretex like polyester lab creation. Check out these Melbourne locals at http://www.thethreadsmiths.com/  … Read More

Hit the streets of Fitzroy or Bondi and you’ll not only see hipsters with beards, but hipsters with beards wearing beard theme t-shirts! Some of the best we’ve seen on the street this Spring 1, The Beard Length Measuring t-shirt A classic we’ve seen in the USA but now popping up in Australia. Can’t wait… Read More